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Intellectual Property Shield was founded in August 2005 by John Toth, President. The Company is incorporated in Illinois, with offices in Colorado and Illinois.
After spending decades in technology businesses, and working with enterprises that create and consume intellectual property, Toth realized that misuse of copyrighted materials such as standards documentation and design specifications was rampant throughout enterprises and their supply chains. These documents are very valuable, and their prices reflect this. However, misuse of these documents is also rampant, causing the stakeholders of this valuable content to increase prices to re-capture the lost revenues resulting from such infractions as incorrect copying and distribution practices.
Mr. Toth observed that the main reason misuse is so common is due to lack of knowledge, not malicious intent. The typical purchasing transaction for this content usually involves few or sometimes one person in the enterprise. Ergo, the content provider may only “touch” the person or group signing the contract.
While an individual may have signed a license agreement, the dozens or hundreds of end users in their organization rarely see the agreement and don’t necessarily understand the rules that govern the use of these copyrighted materials. The problem becomes compounded when one considers that the typical user enterprise- literally any company who designs or builds a product- may rely on dozens of these documents every day. And each document may have its own permissions or restrictions that apply to its use.
When it became apparent that so few people know the rules that govern the use of intellectual property, as opposed to the many people who use the information, Toth realized a strong need for end-user education. He envisioned a web-based tutorial that would “certify” end users, would not take a lot of time to complete, and would be sold at a fair price.
In addition, the hundreds of organizations who provide this content (Standards Development Organizations and aggregators) are only aware of their content and their limitations on use: there is no single organization focused only on user education in the interest of all providers. Hence, Toth formed Intellectual Property Shield, or IP-Shield.
Before founding Intellectual Property Shield in 2005, John Toth held various executive positions with companies who deliver content and document management solutions to national enterprises. He spent 10 years with Information Handling Services, a distributor of intellectual property, where he was Vice President of Aerospace/Aviation Automotive. At IHS, he developed the corporate sales team and worked with F500 companies who develop, distribute or consume copyrighted content including: Lockheed Martin, Allied Signal, Rockwell, Honeywell, Raytheon, UTC, General Dynamics, Motorola, AT&T, Northrop Grumman and John Deere. Prior to that, Mr. Toth spent 20 years in the hardware, mainframe and information technology sectors, working for Honeywell, Digital Equipment and Stratus Group to name a few. John has a Computer Sciences degree from the Honeywell Institute of Information Sciences in Chicago.
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IP-Shield is the single organization that brings content developers and content consumers together, providing the copyright education and certification resource that both parties require.
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