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Every day around the globe, in every company that designs or builds a product, thousands of design engineers reference your copyrighted materials. But few, if any, understand what they are allowed to do in terms of copying or distributing your protected content. Misuse is rampant, costing you and other content providers millions of dollars per year in uncollected revenues.
Protect Your Property with IP Alliance™
Education versus Litigation
Support an alliance that provides content protection and increases your revenues through education. As an Alliance member, IP-Shield will contact your top customers and help them understand (via online education at a reasonable price) the risks their company faces if Intellectual Property of others obtained via subscription lease or hardcopy purchase is misused or given away. We are aware of many cases where content is copied or stored on a server without the proper licensing. Our web-based training, Copyright Aware™, is designed to educate and certify all end users, not just the person in charge of the documentation. As an endorser of IP Alliance™, your key staff and technical contributors are provided the training at no additional charge. (click here to learn more about Copyright Aware™)
Put a Stop to Impropriety
If end users are educated they will know better than to give away content. As a member of Intellectual Property Shield’s IP Alliance, you will have the advantage of an organization dedicated to your interests. Increased revenues for SDOs will result when end users understand the rules of use for the content you provide.
Your Arbitration Representative
Let IP-Shield be your representative rather than risk alienating your customers or prospects. IP-Shield has retained one the most prestigious law firms in Chicago- O’Hagan, Smith and Amundsen, LLC - to represent you, from discovery all the way to litigation if necessary. If your content is being misused or incorrectly distributed, chances are content from other SDOs is also being infringed.
Creating Awareness: Conferences, Whitepapers and Newsletter
IP-Shield publishes a newsletter to keep you abreast of certified organizations, discovery actions and current litigation. Whitepapers are distributed to create awareness of the growing problem. Our goal is to lobby for stricter laws and an international presence. We also support annual conferences to provide you with an opportunity to help forge IP-Shield direction to serve your needs.
Focus Groups
IP-Shield sponsors industry focus groups to make sure we are satisfying your customer’s educational requirements based on types of industry. Whether your industry is Aerospace, Electronics, Engineering, Automotive or Manufacturing, we want to make sure we cover every end user throughout the supply chain.
Channel Partners
Alliance members are invited to become IP-Shield channel partners to promote the education of your customers, partners, and your supply chain.
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quoteOur mission is to make sure every end user worldwide understands why your information needs to be protected.quote
John Toth,
President and Founder
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