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Are you aware of improper use of Intellectual Property including International or Industry Standards, Technical Documents or Corporate IP? If you believe that a colleague, customer, partner or even a previous employer is making illegal copies, improperly distributing, or is otherwise infringing on copyrighted documentation, we want to know about it. Please call our toll free number or fill out the form below to report infringement. You do not need to be named to have us investigate potential infringement: Report infringement online by filling out the form below Call our U.S. hotline: 630-274-6333

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We guarantee that your name and contact information will never be used without your consent. We will begin to investigate all reports of possible infringement within 7 days of your report. Any contact information you provide will be used exclusively to inform you of our progress or to clarify information:

Thank you for taking the time to inform Intellectual Property Shield of a possible case of infringement. We are committed to the proper use of intellectual property in the workplace, and all of us at IP-Shield appreciate your input!