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Earn Continuing Education Units with Standards Aware Courses


Welcome! IEEE Educational Activities and and the IEEE Standards Education Committee have collaborated with IP Shield to extend this offering of high-quality educational tutorials to our members and non-members. The Standards Aware Series described below is similar to taking a Standards 101 course at the university level. To learn more about each course, either mouse-over it for a description, or watch a brief video by clicking below.

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Course TitleList PriceIEEEChoose CoursesTotal
What are Standards? $49.95$29.95 29.95
Why are Standards Used? $49.95$29.95 29.95
Standards Developing Organizations $49.95$29.95 29.95
Standards Development Process $49.95$29.95 29.95
Standards and Trade $49.95$29.95 29.95
Conformity Assessment $49.95$29.95 29.95
Strategic Standardization $49.95$29.95 29.95
Finding Standards $49.95$29.95 29.95
Using Standards in the Workplace $49.99$49.99 49.99
Copyright Aware $49.95$29.95 29.95
Standards Aware Series $299.95$199.95 199.95
Grand Total