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With nine 1-hour course modules, IP-Shield offers the most comprehensive suite of introductory Standards Education available today. The courses are designed for and are used by industry, standards providers, and universities. Whether you take a few modules or the entire collection, the knowledge you gain will boost your standards literacy and will prepare you to compete in the global economy.

Standards Education

IP-Shield is the premier provider of on-line standards education in the workplace. Our comprehensive list of courses will address the standards education needs of your entire organization. From new hires and recent college graduates, to seasoned engineers and professionals across industries, the collection offers something for everyone.

Standards Aware™

Standards Aware, written in conjunction with Thompson Consulting, Inc., is a collection of eight self-paced online course Modules which take approximately 1 hour each. They can be purchased as a set or individually.

  • Module #1: What Are Standards?
  • Module #2: Why Are Standards Used?
  • Module #3: Standards Developing Organizations
  • Module #4: Standards Development Process
  • Module #5: Standards and Trade
  • Module #6: Conformity Assessment
  • Module #7: Strategic Standardization
  • Module #8: Finding Standards

Copyright Aware™

Every day around the globe, in every company that designs or builds products, engineers reference copyright materials including Standards and technical documents. But few users understand what they can and cannot do in terms of copying and distributing these protected materials. Misuse is rampant, putting both the company and the individual at risk.

IP-Shield is committed to protecting both the creators and users of copyrighted materials in the workplace. Whether your company writes Standards and other technical documents, uses these documents to design or build a product, or does both, IP-Shield has products and services that help protect your content and your company.

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